David Garcia

NodeJS, PHP, Symfony, Backend, Senior Software Engineer · me@davidgarcia.cat

I am proud to see me as a highly motivated Senior Software Engineer, with a keen interest in using the latest technologies. Also, I am familiar with Systems Administration, due to my background using both Microsoft Windows as well as GNU/Linux distributions (CentOS and Debian based) to provide Internet Services for hundreds of customers with thousands of visitors.

For me, learning never stops, and that's why I am usually self-trained. I always try to get new knowledge to stay up to date, no matter if it's a new Framework, a new programming language or maybe a new Operating System.


Senior Software Engineer

Bismuse SL, Reus (Spain)

After collaborating altruistically for about two and a half years as a consultant and mentor, I have finally joined the company as a senior software engineer, giving a final boost to the development of the new web project, where we are currently implementing new features. I have also been implementing a new distributed hardware architecture, optimized with load balancers and clustered environments to ensure we can provide the expected Service Level Agreement (SLA).

July 2021 - Present

Senior Software Engineer

Avanti Communications Group, London (UK)

Avanti is a worldwide, pioneering satellite technology company that provides Ka-band services in EMEA. I've been taking several positions working for Avanti, including Lead Developer, Team Lead and SCRUM Master, on a per-project basis, and got promoted to Senior Software Engineer. My work at Avanti is focused on the development of API Backend applications based on Docker, PHP 7.4 and 8.0, Symfony 4 and 5, DDD, TDD, BDD, different SQL databases, Elasticsearch, AMQP, API integrations and much more, working on a well-structured Agile and SCRUM environment.

August 2019 - July 2021 (2 years)

Technical Director

Crowd2Fund Limited, London (UK)

Crowd2Fund is a start-up company that provides crowdfunding services to British businesses through a private community of investors. Since I joined as a Software Engineer, I got promotions until reaching the title of Tech Director. My work at Crowd2Fund focused on system maintenance, upgraded the implemented technologies, developed new features, and designed and implemented a RESTful API integrated with the iOS App and the redesigned Frontend WebApp. I also mentored and trained junior and mid-level software engineers as part of my daily duties. The system works under PHP 7, Symfony 2 and 4, SQL Databases, Memcached and Redis.

June 2015 - July 2019 (4 years & 2 months)

Software Engineer

ReChannel Limited, London (UK)

My work at ReChannel was brief but concise, joining the team as an extremely motivated Software Engineer. Working at ReChannel, I improved my skills using automated testing. ReChannel's product was offering a robust RESTful API, that was feeding both the Frontend code as well as the mobile app. Working at ReChannel, among other technology, I used Vagrant, PHP, Symfony, Git, Jira, Scrutinizer CI, BeHat, PHP Spec, PHP Unit.

April 2015 - June 2015 (3 months)

Senior PHP Developer

Photo Interactive Services, Tarragona (Spain)

Photo Interactive Services provides multiple advertising websites, bringing people the chance to do their marketing across four countries, with thousands of visitors daily. This experience was beneficial to improve my knowledge about high volume traffic websites. The tech stack used to develop all the websites include (but is not limited to) PHP 5, HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript, Varnish, Solr, Git.

January 2014 - July 2014 (7 months)

Senior PHP Developer

Inspira Project, Tarragona (Spain)

This small business is a Digital Marketing agency. I worked with SEO specialists (certified by Google) that helped me to understand their Search Engine algorithms. As a Systems Administrator, I managed three CentOS servers providing service to all the customers. In regards to the source code, I created a new, customised MVC base-project, built based on my specifications, that powered many of the new projects. This MVC provides a clean but powerful Backend, powered by PHP5, HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery.

February 2012 - November 2013 (1 year & 10 months)

Technical Manager

JSIC, Reus (Spain)

JSIC was a small, local reseller, offering utility services supplying gas and electricity, landlines, mobiles and broadband services. As the Technical Manager, I managed their new in-house Windows Server, running a very restrictive Active Directory policy. Regarding their customised CRM, I implemented a few updates to fix known bugs as well as to provide new features.

February 2012 - February 2012 (1 month)

Technical Manager

Neumo-Egmo Spain SL, Tarragona (Spain)

Neumo-Ehrenberg Group is one of the biggest companies in Germany, which established a new market in Spain in 2004. As a Systems Administrator, I oversaw all the maintenance provided by a third-party supplier who dealt with workstations and servers. I also provided technical support to all staff. In regards to development, I created new web projects for their corporate web portal. The new customer's area integrates with the company's ERP (which required a new API to keep communications between the in-house server and the public website). I also created new web apps just accessible through the LAN, so the team was able to provide an enhanced experience to the customers.

August 2011 - November 2011 (4 months)


Unión Virtuality Estudios SL, Reus (Spain)

Virtuality is a small IT consultancy that offers Systems Administration and cloud services. Working as a Systems Administrator, I provided support to many customers, took care of the day-to-day maintenance of all servers, and setting up all the new environments and requirements for the customers, working with Windows and GNU/Linux environments. The tech stack includes monitoring systems, VoIP and cloud storage, among other services. As a developer, I worked for many customers, building and maintaining websites, working with Symfony 1, digital certificates and signatures and web services.

July 2008 - May 2011 (2 years & 11 months)


Monterey Derivados SL, La Pobla de Mafumet (Spain)

As part of my growing on IGS Software, I moved to Monterey Derivados, where I started to work as a System Specialist. The most relevant contribution was the in-house (and for other customers too) implementation of monitoring systems based on Nagios, Zabbix and Pandora. Besides, I continued working as a PHP Developer when it was needed for in-house maintenance as well as to provide support and maintenance for some customers.

February 2008 - July 2008 (6 months)

PHP Developer

IGS Software, La Pobla de Mafumet (Spain)

Formerly IGS Software, a member of a group of companies, was renamed to IGS Research. As a PHP developer, I built corporative websites for most of the companies as part of the Gamagest Group, powered by PHP and MySQL.

July 2007 - February 2008 (8 months)


Technical Consultant

Bismuse SL

Bismuse aims to establish a new world-wide online service where artists from many countries upload and sell their artwork. Given the company is owned by a friend, I've been providing free consultancy and advice services since the development of their new website started in 2019. The new tech stack includes (but is not limited to) Docker, Git, PHP, Symfony, Event Sourcing, Redis, ElasticSearch, Databases, and much more.

February 2019 - July 2021 (2 years & 6 months)

Networking Specialist

Reus LAN Party, Reus (Spain)

Hundreds of gamers inside the same pavilion required a high-speed Internet connection, so they could play videogames, perform championships and share petabytes of data through Direct Connect. I volunteered as a Network Specialist, and it was one of the best experiences I ever had. Working closely to other Systems Administrators, I provided all the network infrastructure required for this event. Then, during the LAN party, I was in charge of the network monitoring, powered by Nagios over Debian GNU/Linux, and providing technical support to those gamers who had some issues.

March 2010


High-Level Technical Degree, Computer Science

IES Baix Camp, Reus (Spain)

This High-Level Technical Degree trains their students with the necessary knowledge to carry out the installation and configuration of high-performance computer systems, warranting the functionality, integrity of their resources and services, requiring high quality and complying with strict current regulations.

September 2007 - June 2009

Middle-Level Technical Degree, Computer Science

IES Baix Camp, Reus (Spain)

The goal of these studies is to provide knowledge about the installation and configuration of computer systems for either small environments or large business networks, warranting their functionality and apply the established quality and safety protocols.

September 2004 - June 2007


Operating Systems, Programming Languages & Tools
  • ✔️ Domain-Driven Design
  • ✔️ SOLID Principles
  • ✔️ Design Patterns
  • ✔️ Agile Development & SCRUM


Apart from being a Software Engineer, I enjoy most of my time being outdoors, travelling to countries that are far away from where I live. My favourite destination is Japan. In my opinion, their culture, history, gastronomy, and much more are fascinating. I love to travel there, and one of their smallest islands is where I found myself wholly balanced and in peace.

When I am indoors, I follow several sci-fi and fantasy genre movies, shows and video games. I am an aspiring chef too. Also, I spend a large amount of my free time exploring the latest technology advancements. Finally, I invest much time on learning more about other Operating Systems, new features as part of the Symfony ecosystem and other languages.

Lately, I've been planning to acquire new certifications, learn more about Arch Linux and start developing new Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence projects.

Awards & Certifications

  • 🏆 Panda Certified Tech Partner, Cloud Office Protection (Panda Security Certification Program, November 2009)
  • 🏆 Cisco CCNA-2 Certification (2008)
  • 🏆 Cisco CCNA-1 Certification (2008)